Παρασκευή, 31 Μαΐου 2013

propaganda, racism (and other fairy tales) --part 2

but NO: there is racism in greece, they say urbi et orbi, which has to be fought against; the propaganda of this sort, if it is not stupid, has an agenda of its own; because it cannot be explained why the average local citizen is being accused, when he has always welcomed foreigners, the way we described at the beginning above, and when, in fact, the only problem he has is the reality of an increased rate of rude, disrespectful, provocative, and directly criminal behaviour (rapes, murders et al.), riots, everyday microscale incidents that add up, the brutal transformation of peaceful neighborhoods to open air brothels (sic) or to off-limits zones even to police forces (especially to police forces!), etc.-- in addition to all that, it was known, up to this moment (and if nothing has changed), that immigrants are allowed to use hospitals and medicinal care for free, public transport for free, enter schools and universities with bonuses etc.

so the greek citizen who stands by and watches, day in, day out, the beautiful nightmare that others built for him, is a racist... a xenophobic... a fascist (sic!!!)... and has to sit back and watch an imposed violent transformation of his country into a nwo-ish status of multiculturalism where no rules apply, no legal prerequisite, where he has no say and if he does, at some point, object the phenomenon, he has to shut up,  sit back and listen to local and international centres calling  him those things and make the false accusations, at a timing when GREECE IS BEING BRUTALLY RAPED BY THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM AND EAGERLY SOLD (TERRITORY, RESOURCES, SOVEREIGNTY AND INDEPENDENCE) BY ITS OWN POLITICIANS/TRAITORS... wow...

so yes, on second thought, there actually IS racism in greece: it's against the greek population.

but this is very important: when you have local authorities (from the government down to municipalities and who knows what else) which take orders form elsewhere and care O about their people, their country, the law *, when you have officials who will underline a thousand times over an incident that might occur at the expense of an immigrant, but do the exact opposite the multiple times when a brutal crime is committed against a local, when you have a mayor who forbids christian season's greetings from radio broadcast so that other religions are not insulted (!!!!!!!!!), when you have a corrupt political system that gives citizenship by the thousands before elections, which later gets annulled, as illegal, by the supreme court, when a leftist propaganda is omnipotent, inside and outside the country, and refuses to see the obvious, denies the obvious, and on top of that mocks anything that is even remotely close to national identity, history, hymns and flags, automatically calling names if you just happen to care about your own country (which is light years away from the hysteric namecalling in fashion), then it all just becomes easy...

the story is long. obviously.

* the objective observer will stay away from labels, will take close looks at each country's situation and, by all means, at the 'immigrant issue' all over europe, which seems to have religious tones at its epicentre, will take into account studies that analyze precisely that, namely the incorporation of religions in the european continent --and interestingly enough, just these last days the incidents in england and sweden have been shedding new lights, 

but what's also very interesting is the recent development and the tension in the italogermanic relations, due to italy's decision to 'send' some illegal immigrants over to germany: whereas greece is being unjustly (on purpose?) painted with the black colours of racism, italy --another country of the south, another PIIG !!--  tries to get rid of its own immigrants (a few hundred in this case, mind you, and not the millions that have been invading greece) and meets an uncomfortable, annoyed, insulted germany (no less)... 

no further comment.

Πέμπτη, 30 Μαΐου 2013

the power of propaganda OR 'greeks are racist' and other --ridiculous- fairy tales

in recent decades the country, though small, has always received and welcomed immigrants; it is even this very blog's personal experience that there have ALWAYS been foreigners among us, living in the same neighborhood, in the same building, working by our side, creating their families, hanging out with the locals, watching their children go to school with all other children, watching them play, make friends; hell, people --such as this very blog-- who enjoy using their language skills, ranging from intermediate to advanced to polyglottery (with zero interest, mind you, in youtube-self-promotion...), had all the more reason to create such personal contacts, because they could use their language(s). 
and learn. mutually. and live. peacefully.

a political (no kidding!) change occurred, back in the early 90's, encouraged by the very protagonists of the current political scene of today: the ratio of immigrants, of specific origins, increased; though the details of everyday life changed, the big picture, as far as the people are concerned, remained the same: friendly and tolerant; and welcoming.

greece's policy for immigrants is flawed; it is either dormant or non existing; another precious piece of treason, another gift from the politicians to their own country; and, in the few recent years, another change occurred; it is still in progress now: due to dubious international ( = european) agreements, such as Dublin II, and also due to international factors (read: geopolitical games, which any kind reader may, in good faith, search for and find out), the greek people have had to stand by and watch, without being asked, silent witnesses of what is being 

a violent flow of immigrants, mostly illegal (YES, there IS such a thing), not all of whom are 'desperate poor people fleeing from their countries due to warfare' (some of them certainly are), not all of whom even have the best intentions, as the incidents can prove; regardless, the fact remains: once they enter(???!!!), they are trapped here; even if they had a different european destination in mind; a violent change of the population, of the country's traits, of life itself; no questions asked, no permission needed, no infrastructure prepared, no conditions -sanitary, economic, other-- [pre]considered; the country's capital is being bombarded, the face of whole neighborhoods is being altered; an unnatural, thus unpleasant situation has been made 'normal'; but it is negative and unpleasant by definition, both for immigrants and locals: it is estimated that, for a rough 10 million of an [aging] greek population there is a [growing, uncontrollable] 2.5 million immigrants, the vast majority illegal.

but hey, we've got something to talk about now! there is a new talk of the town (of our miserable global village, actually): the fresh new label which comes so easy to some international centres and, equally(!), to leftist local propaganda and, by all means, the local politicians/traitors (who take orders from abroad and serve inter-national, super-national, not national, objectives) is that 'greeks are racist'; seriously? --and they use as a 'top' argument the existence of a right wing party; as though there were a single country in europe that does not have their very own... no-one of those who are eager to prove their ridiculous 'point' stops for one second to investigate, or simply wonder, WHY and HOW those thousands and thousands of asians and africans set off to travel thousands of dangerous and EXPENSIVE kilometers, WHY the ones who are muslims --the vast majority, it seems-- even pick greece, an orthodox christian country, as their destination, HOW they all somehow make it to the very capital of the country (which is far from any border or point of entrance), WHY and HOW it even makes ANY SENSE at all to expect (read: demand!) from a small country to have space and resources for all those people, hence HOW the immigrants are supposed to support themselves remaining within the law, etc... do 'humanists' (?) care?--but perhaps they don't care; perhaps they only care to use a stale, hollow humanistic argument against the 'non tolerant, xenophobic' locals, when they should be promoting the truth: legal status aside, the country cannot receive any more, it is already heavily overpopulated, and those who have no business being there--e.g. for reasons of political asylum-- should just GO; for humanistic reasons alone...

(to be continued)

Τρίτη, 21 Μαΐου 2013

2011 2013

(EO) en kelkaj tagoj estos la datreveno de la komenco de la grandegaj manifestacioj de 2011 (La Indignuloj). kaj neniu estas dormanta. tute ne.

(ES) en unos días es el segundo aniversario del comienzo de las enormes manifestaciones del 2011 (Les Indignés, Los Indignados). y nadie está durmiendo. todo lo contrario.

(EN) in a few days it will be two years since the beginning of the huge manifestations of 2011 (Les 'Indignés', Los Indignados). and no-one is asleep. on the contrary.

Τρίτη, 14 Μαΐου 2013

πασιένσια // πέιΣενς.

                                               la cuna de la democracia.
y una de las cunas de la deudocracia, en europa.
                                         necesariamente, la cuna de la Némesis de nuestra era, también.
                  esto no es una frase sentimental. sino una realidad histórica.

the cradle of democracy.
                                                     and one of the cradles of debtocracy, in europe.
                         necessarily, the cradle of the Nemesis of our era, too.
                                       and this is not a sentimental phrase. it is a historic reality.