Τρίτη, 29 Νοεμβρίου 2011


(EO) mi ofte scivolas cxu eblas la komunikado inter homoj el tro malproksimaj landoj (ekz. unu el Euxropo kaj unu el Ameriko), cxar ili ne konas la samajn aferojn nek havas la saman vivon, kvankam povas sxajni ke ili faras/faris samajxojn (filmojn, muzikon, komputilon ktp.) ---tamen, la mentaleco estas kaj estOs malsimila: tio signifas ke tiuj du uloj devas peni por kompreni unu la alian, kaj tio estas io kion la homoj, gxenerale, ne sxatas fari.

(ES) a menudo me pregunto si es posible la comunicación entre personas de países muy lejanos (por ejemplo una de Europa y una de América), ya que no saben las mismas cosas ni tienen vidas semejantes, aunque puede parecer que hacen/han hecho cosas similares (películas, música, ordenador etc.) --empero, la mentalidad es y será diferente: esto significa que esas dos personas tienen que esforzarse por entenderse, y esto es algo que la gente, en general, no quiere hacer.

(EN) i often wonder if communication is at all possible between two people from very distant countries (one from Europe and one from America, for example), given that they do not know the same things nor have similar lives, although it may seem that they do/have done similar things (films, music, computer etc.) --however, their mentalities are and will be different: this means that those two people will have to make an effort to understand each other, and this is something that people in general don't like to do.

(GR) ἀναρωτιέμαι συχνά ἄν εἶναι καθόλου δυνατή ἡ ἐπικοινωνία ἀνάμεσα σὲ ἀνθρώπους ἀπὸ πολὺ μακρινὲς χῶρες (ἕνα ἀπὸ τὴν Εὐρώπη καὶ ἕνα ἀπὸ τὴν Ἀμερική, ἐπὶ παραδείγματι), μιὰ ποὺ οὔτε τὰ ἴδια πράγματα γνωρίζουν οὔτε ἔχουν ἴδιες ζωές, ἂν καὶ μπορεῖ νὰ φαίνεται πὼς κάνουν/ἔχουν κάνει ὅμοια πράγματα (ταινίες, μουσική, ὑπολογιστὲς κλπ.) --ὅμως, οἱ νοοτροπίες τους εἶναι καὶ θὰ εἶναι διαφορετικές: αὐτὸ σημαίνει πὼς οἱ δύο αὐτοὶ ἄνθρωποι πρέπει νὰ προσπαθήσουν γιὰ νὰ ἀλληλοκατανοηθοῦν, κι αὐτὸ εἶναι κάτι ποὺ οἱ ἄνθρωποι ἐν γένει δέν ἐπιθυμοῦν νὰ κάνουν.

Παρασκευή, 18 Νοεμβρίου 2011

waking up

...from a dream, you said, a dream you could only dream about
a dream containing others [other people? other dreams?? you never said, but hey]
the kind of things that make you more of, make you more of, make.you.more.of.
(a poet, a god, a person...)
all of a sudden, and
we hang out with different gangs
oh no
i think i just remembered to forget to remember to forget
--right, uncle Tommy?--
and it's OK, cuz
'as i am turning more and more into sea
be merciful, our God: we did not sin
out of error
but in a flash of Will'
the unexpected similarity, the distant kin, through space through time
those don't affect the Throne Room, it awaits
a cosmic joke is still a joke, only a coward will take offense
a lucid moment might occur when
the frame is what to look at not the mirror, is where to look, a zillion times over
and the exam is not preliminary, the exam
is only final
a good thing, on second thought
my red haired muse --i'm grateful--
she ran, sweet half, half sweet, so i can  listen to the path
so i can paint the silence, gracious
and Become
is that ----?

but you
is that you approaching?
how can you not
want to compare our dreams, the ones we woke up
(the ones that even Ken made a mistake about)
[ay Julio, vos sabés... mas vos ya no tenés
palabra, se la tragó la selva, y tu sendero
ya ves, hacen un ruido que vo' jamá'  hici'te
ay, su dios es siempre alegre y en la superficie
nada --¿oí 'te?  inesperada semejanza, adiós...]

oh yes, this is the place we'll always
come back to, noooo surprise
our own familiar playground, the mind
a nightmare and a dream, pick wisely
no tricks allowed, not permanently
you may share the laughter, there is enough to go around
is that you approaching?...
if you can hear it, if you can
cuz it'll be here before us, it was here
after us you see
oh you were saying?
i Know and i Know i Know, and
i Know i Know i Know
no time for games, games is serious stuff
we've got to grow up first
as children and
don't worry, it disappeared, that's what it does
it always has, to us it's not a problem, it's just a joke, remember?
time is a joke
don't listen to them, what do they know, don't cry, they're just recycling
your voice is still there, just like your speaking voice
is it you Approaching? --i'm grateful
all will be fine, there's nothing more transparent than
a place full of mysteries, the unexpected similarities, the distant kin, we're
--we can walk together for a while, no?--
if a writer reveals himself through adverbs, we have so much more
all will be fine
the top is a lonely place unless

i'll never forgive you you know
no need
we may be falling but we can
still talk
all will be fine
some minor characters may differ but
our dream is lucid, the unexpected kin
is no more distant let them talk they're just recycling

don't you love the edge
i, too, wanna be pushed
and so do you, i Know

this is the edge
all will be fine
you see
we'll Push eachother

Παρασκευή, 11 Νοεμβρίου 2011


bottles in the ocean going somewhere... the messages, the people, writers & readers... people using language(s) or language(s) using people... communication and metacommunication among individuals that often/usually/(un)expectedly [prefer to] go preverbal... WE are the ocean, WE are the message, WE are the bottle, Marshall... meanwhile, personal goals & ambitions tend to disagree with the big picture  -that's gone a little dim all of a sudden- or, in the best of cases, care too little, no matter how firmly we believe(?) we're sooo non-racist, ecologically logical, globally aware & politically correct (seriously?), of utmost-est importance (in a multidimensional lolling universe) and, last but not least, humanly human... and humane... and humanists... and humorists... does anyone, especially those involved in linguistic processes, [want to] remember the etymology (ἔτυμον [τὸ] = true) of the word 'humo(u)r'?... ................. OKKKK, six ace day, bye now ----

la lingvoj kaj la komunikado per ili en mondo kiu oftege preferas aliajn vojojn anstataux komuniki, do tiom da blogoj, afisxajxoj, mesagxoj ktp en tiu oceano kiu estas NI (cxar NI estas la oceano kaj la mesagxo kaj la botelo, Marsxal) iras al... ??? ho jes, Cxio sxangxigxas, tio veregas... kaj la tuta homaro iras al nesciita loko, kvankam iuj kredas scii [tamen, ne] dum la similecoj inter homoj ne videblas pro la malsimilecoj de iliaj vivoj: ni forgesas ke ni gravas --kaj en la granda bildo ni neniom gravas, tamen tion ni ankaux forgesas... ;-) booooonege, sesasa tago, gxis ---

Κυριακή, 6 Νοεμβρίου 2011

06.11.11 // 11.06.11

is it this blog's idea or is Europe -or 'europe'- shaking? is there something moving??... NOV 11... a new day is Dawning, or: a new day is yawning...
cxu la mondo sxangxigxas Cximomente? cxu io jxus Naskigxas??... // estamos pendientes... // ἔσεται ἧμαρ