Κυριακή, 29 Ιανουαρίου 2012

day/tago 248

tiu blogo bedauxras.
cxio estas malhela.
gxi esperas havi pli da novajxoj baldaux.
ni ne estas dormantaj.

this blog is sorry.
everything is dark.
it hopes to have more news soon.
we are not sleeping.

τοῦτο τὸ μπλὸγκ λυπᾶται.
ὅλα εἶναι σκοτεινά.
ἐλπίζει νὰ ἔχει περισσότερα νέα σύντομα.
δέν κοιμόμαστε.

Κυριακή, 15 Ιανουαρίου 2012

disappointment/malfelicxigxo 2 ---- day/tago 234

EN communication, yes: that is the element 'they' count on; the lack thereof, to be exact; because they understand that it's difficult to coordinate the wishes and efforts of a whole nation, so that 'their' position becomes stronger --

remarks: it's true, but a few corrections are necessary: 1) the coordination is difficult; it is NOT impossible; it just takes [a little] time, that's all; and 2) 'their' position may in fact become 'stronger', but that is temporary; NOT permanent...

other than that, the role of communication in general is rather discouraging, because you turn to those social media, for example, only to find that most people most of the time basically do nothing but joke around and/or post foolish/non substantial/non useful things about themselves (food, hollow comments, entertainment within the frame of capitalistic bliss, stuff  like that...) ---that's all good and nice; but one has to wonder where it all leads, if it's done pretty much exclusively (and it is)... who are we? ecologists in disguise, humanitarians in disguise, democrats, freedom fighters and non racists for sure (when we're asked), but are there any actions? -- certainly, there are people who act, what about the vast majority?

when you see your neighbour's house on fire, you know what's ('who' 's) next... is the vast majority just waiting for that? is it even expecting it??...

(PS: this country is still being held hostage; things are getting worse every hour; unbiased sources of information are still trying to show how big the tragedy is; this planet, the planet we all love so much, had better realize this [just like in other tragedies elsewhere before] and decide what needs to be done.

simple as that.

EO [en la angla mi nur klopodas skribi iomete pri la 'Nun' kiu mortigas nin, cxiu horo kaj cxiu momento, kaj montri la rolon de, ekzemple, la komunikado EN tiu realeco kaj gxenerale; la vivo kiun la tuta planedo kaj cxiuj homoj sxatas/-us havi por si mem ne povas alveni el alie: ni mem estas la nuraj kapablaj de krei/'alvenigi' gxin, se ni vere interesigxas pri la estonteco kaj se ni vere kredas je la ideoj kiuj logxas en niaj kapoj -kiam cxio estas bone kaj estas mangxajxoj en sia domo- ... la problemoj de la domo apud la nia estas ankaux niaj, tiu estas la sekreto kiun ni devis kompreni en pasintaj jarcentoj kaj devas kompreni nun...]

234 days since "May25" // 234 tagoj ekde 25.5.

Σάββατο, 14 Ιανουαρίου 2012


(EN) what does it take for fate to change? we're talking realistic fate, the everyday life, and not in a spiritual-metaphysical sense [which we'd love to address, as well] --you think you have(?) it all(?), you and the several million others in your (home)country, there's always something cool to watch on tv, something even cooler to download and share (or not; hmmm...) in the cyberworld, there's oh-that-$&%^* extracool new mayonnaise in the fridge, and alas!!! ---> you'd never suspect that those who move the strings on this planet won't hesitate to give you the HARDEST OF TIMES if they choose to, and that it's just a coincidence -but certainly not random AT ALL- that they hadn't decided to do it thus far; why? --oh, because they have their own agenda that we, common mortals, can barely see the tip of ----

all it takes is a change of plans and BY ALL MEANS willing trojan horses inside your (home)country, who'll be more than happy to collaborate and help with the agenda in question, even if that means KILLING, directly or indirectly, your (their) own people: you.

and meanwhile, communication? the healing tool? the last treasure we have left? oh yes, absolutely, a look at the social media 'en vogue' will suffice; but we'll have to come back for more, i'm afraid.

(EO) tio estas teksteto verkita fruege tiun tagon, pro la grava realeco kiu jam dauxras du jarojn kaj malaperigis cxiun esperon; tio ne estas vivo kiun oni povus komenti kiel sciencfikcian rakonton, kvankam gxi enhavas cxiujn monstrojn kaj cxiujn detalojn kiuj sxajnus eksterteraj aux kreitaj de verkisto; ne, tio estas la realeco kiun ni vidas cxiutage, kaj ni scias [cxiu tion scias, se oni auxskultas la liberajn vocxojn kiuj dank'al dio kaj la teknologio ekzistas kaj parolas urbi et orbi] ke nia lando ne estas la nura lando kiun 'ili' volas destrui: en Euxropo estas pli da landoj/popoloj kiuj JAM vivas sub la sama dangxero, kio estas la kialo por fari ion NUN.


en la greka estas frazo (maljuna, kompreneble, kiun ni ankoraux uzas) kiu diras: οἱ καιροὶ οὐ μενετοί ( = tiuj tempoj ne estas por ke oni atendu).

ni vidu kio okazos.

Τρίτη, 10 Ιανουαρίου 2012


mi ofte [konstante?] scivolas kaj sindemandas cxu la homoj, ni cxiuj, komprenas -vere komprenas-- la problemojn de aliaj popoloj, de homoj kiuj vivas tre tre malproksime... eble ne... ne vere... tio estas normala, cxar ni nur interesigxas pri tio kion ni havas proksime, en sia lando, en sia domo... tamen, tiukaze estus vere utila se cxiuj komprenus ke:

tiu temo, cxi tiu, NE estas loka problemo: estas MONDA problemo, kaj rilatas pri la estonteco --ne: pri la VIVO mem de ni cxiuj...

mi deziras ke cxiu komprenu tion...

Σάββατο, 7 Ιανουαρίου 2012

greece, democracy, europe (II)

greek (global) tragedy --an update

the new year is here, and the global economic dictatorship is keeping the greek people trapped in a cave where oxygen is already becoming a luxury: after the repeatedly peacefully expressed and repeatedly BRUTALLY suppressed outburst of undisputed public indignation (last summer and last fall), people are discouraged and curiously silent in their every day lives, while inside their fire is still burning; one has to wonder what the causes for such behaviour are...

the regime is carrying out their lethal plans, economic-social-national-institutional, with the imposed banker -and former participant/executive in greek governments responsible for actions now appearing as part of the general political guilt of the recent past: A VEIL OF SILENCE- as prime minister, and the ex opposition made of the right wing (2nd big party) and the extreme right wing as official coalition now, EQUALLY NOT ELECTED AND OFFICIALLY COLLABORATING IN THE MURDER OF A WHOLE NATION:


W H A T ? ? ? ! ! !

meanwhile, police and justice alike also ensure that any, ANY form of resistance, which by the way is anticipated and guaranteed by the very greek constitution in its last article (120), is punished and the regime continues killing undisturbed (two examples are the arrest and penalty of a woman who recently smashed an egg on a politician's head as protest, and today's arrest of some citizens for 'insulting' the president of the republic: an old man who makes more than 30,000 euros a month plus bonuses, lawyer too, and ex member of the socialist party in power, who is accused of 1) signing and permitting (during these two years) within his jurisdiction all laws that brought the catastrophe and are openly and directly AGAINST the greek constitution, and 2) participating in the murder of the greek people by NOT acting as a catalyst, which is his obligation, to prepare the country for elections SINCE THE PRESENT SITUATION AND THE POLITICIANS WHO REPRESENT IT ARE IN DISHARMONY TO THE VOTERS' WILL AND THUS LACK ALL LEGITIMACY

no member of the coalition (former government and former 'opposition') even speak of taking the burden off people's shoulders, as though it is something understood, and of course nobody speaks about elections, which in November, when this new phase was taking shape, were supposedly planned for the 19th of February: A VEIL OF SILENCE

and, it goes without saying, all crimes against the nation, all suspects and all (the few) that have been proven guilty are about to be forgotten, thanks to 1) the politicians, featuring the professor of constitutional law and now minister of finance, who made a law years ago that ensures impunity for ministers (sic and sicK), and 2) to the greek justice who sits back and tolerates such whims, only to announce, if asked, that 'our hands are tied' --seriously?? A VEIL OF SILENCE

despair and darkness // end of update.